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Our goal is to make your experience with Dr. Gonzalo Urbistondo as hassle-free as possible. If you are traveling to meet with Dr. Urbistondo for a consultation, or for surgery, and need information. Read this: 


How do I organize my Buenos Aires Plastic Surgery with Dr. Urbistondo?

The first step is the ONLINE CONSULTATION. For this you must send a mail to It is important to clearly explain both the aesthetic and functional desires. It is also important to attach photographs at different angles, front, side, three-quarter view from below. Pictures can be taken with the digital camera or cell phone. That is, needless to photographs are taken professionally for initial evaluation. The doctor evaluated photographs in person and the case, who will recommend what kind of intervention should be performed as appropriate and what the expectations are improving. It may continue to exchange e- mail and can freely ask all the questions that will be answered in person by Dr. Urbistondo.


How many days I have to stay in Buenos Aires for the intervention?

It is advisable to consider a stay in Buenos Aires from 5 to 7 days. The journey so personal consultation to make the first day of arrival in Buenos Aires and surgery the next day is usually organized. Being an outpatient surgery, the patient can return to the hotel the same day , keeping constant contact with the doctor. In the following days the post operative checks will be made at our office. Exception: those traveling from Uruguay can return to the day after surgery and return to Buenos Aires for the control at 12-15 days.


Who will evaluate my case?

Dr. Urbistondo is the one who will evaluate the case and perform surgery. During the organization and communication distance can manage e- mail freely, but there is always the option of making phone calls to define some details and doubts with the Doctor. In all cases PERSONAL CONSULTATION programming a one or two days before surgery in the office with the Doctor. Who order to personally meet for the first time , evaluate the case taking professional photographs. During this consultation prerquirúrgica evaluation will talk freely and all options will planterarán again, advice on action to be performed will be given and they will agree on all the details of the surgery .


How is the budget of the intervention performed?

The photographic evaluation and reviews are written by e -mail are sufficient for the development of surgical budget covering the surgery fees , all queries , all hospital expenses and anesthesiology . The budget does not include the cost of air travel and accommodation. Payment is made in full before the intevención, may be even the same day of surgery. In the case that has been paid and no intervention took place, is fully refunded the amount already paid , regardless of the reason for the suspension .


Do I have to fulfill myself preoperative studies?

Yes, all patients undergoing surgery should be performed prior studies. The studies are :1. Blood Tests : CBC, glucose , urea, coagulation and HIV serology ( optional).Two . Electrocardiogram evaluation by a cardiologist with surgical risk .These studies can be performed in your town or habitual residence in Buenos Aires , days before the intervention or even the same day of surgery . We advise on the studies with some anticipation to the trip in order to have the results verified earlier. However, they often perform here in Buenos Aires.


What are the postoperative instructions?

The day of the presurgical evaluation in the clinic the patient will be given a set of instructions for a number of Preoperative and postoperative instructions .


Where can I accommodate?

The choice of the Hotel must be based on the characteristics of patient preference comfort and closeness to the office and surgical center. We recommend the neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta, Congress Centre , North District and Eleven, which are quite close to both the office and surgical center. Eventually we provide a list of suggested hotels where our patients are usually hosted. We also have to recommend a travel agency that can guide and organize the flights , accommodation, city tour and other tourist attractions , transfers, etc. .


Where is Buenos Aires airport?

Airport "Ministro Pistarini " known as Ezeiza ( EZE aeronautical nomenclature) is for international arrivals . It is 25 km from the Federal Capital and the estimated atomóvil time is 50 minutes.The Aeroparque " Jorge Newbery " ( AEP ) is the airport nacial and regional traffic. It is fairly centrally located in Buenos Aires , 30 minutes of practice and surgical center .


Can I ride in Buenos Aires after surgery?

Patients usually arrive a day or two before surgery. After the initial consultation is likely to explore the city freely. After the intervention recommend staying at the hotel for two days without leaving . After those two days , you can walk a little walking and a little taxi or tour bus . Sunscreen is always recommended.


Who do I contact if I have a concern and / or complications?

All patients have the phone numbers of Dr Urbistondo , which is available to care for their patients.


How many checks I have to attend after surgery?

The controls are usually scheduled two or three, depending on the time spent . If necessary, further checks will be conducted . When you return home , you can continue consultations free via e- mail or skype. To return to Buenos Aires on another occasion , we encourage patients to return to the clinic to visit to take pictures and verify satisfaction of the result.


Does Argentina have any economic advantage that comes from the outside?

A few years ago , the result of macroeconomic policies and complex economies , Argentina has its undervalued currency. This implies that those who currently travel to Buenos Aires from the outside, are the low prices of all kinds of products and services in relation to the values ​​of their country (not in relation to how they perceive the Argentines themselves). Following the same principle , and on a comparative basis , the cost of high quality plastic surgery in Europe or the United States ( with professional level Dr. Urbistondo ) is more than double .Buenos Aires ( metropolitan area) has over 10 million inhabitants . It is a cosmopolitan metropolis with surgical centers and technological advances the same level as the major cities of Europe and the United States. Has interesting tourist attractions. It was winner Travellers' Choice ™ 2012. Considered one of the most attractive cities in the world to visit.


Why should I choose Dr. Urbistondo for surgery?

Dr. Gonzalo E. Urbistondo specializes in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This knowledge comes from a long road of training and experience. Natural results in harmony with the face and body and functional are the result of deep dedication that has the doctor, both primary and revision reconstruction . Patients received daily from around the world. If you require any surgery patient referrals coming from your country or city , you can ask us and we will provide the contact.To initiate contact with Dr. Urbistondo I sent an email to


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